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The ore extraction process can involve several steps that generate excessive dust dissipation. This air pollution can lead to serious health problems, especially for workers in the affected area.
The application of polymers was a solution found to reduce the spread of dust in the environment.


The road infrastructure benefits mainly the predominantly industrial areas, disadvantaging the primary production areas. Established these interconnection channels, through improvements in the local roads, the benefits are notorious. Another important point is the connection of more isolated communities, which will have access to easier, cheaper and safer transport.


The environmental conditions of rural work, in particular exposure to organic and mineral dust, has now been one of the main causes of absence from work. Dust is also a problem for agricultural crops, hindering its photosynthesis, yield and quality


The soil correction is extremely important in the construction of a highway, its properties must be adequate to support loads imposed on the pavement. Stabilization consists of treating the soil, by a mechanical or chemical process, making it stable to the limits of its use, and remaining so, even under the action of external loads and climatic actions.


Sustainable and innovative technology to control erosion and waterproof slopes and embankments. Product developed to stabilize practically all types of soils (clayey, sandy, gravel) and materials that make up ore piles.

Our services

Soil Stabilization

Service that uses a biodegradable product for the stabilization of natural soils that make up beds and sub-beds, bases and sub-bases of highways and side roads, increasing their resistance. Easy to apply and environmentally friendly product.

Stabilization of Slopes, Slopes and Ore Stacks

The erosion control of Via Encosta is carried out by means of an efficient and safe waterproofing or stabilizing treatment, developed to eliminate the structural and environmental effects caused by the action of wind or water in the ore piles, slopes and embankments.

Dust Suppression

Dust suppression on roads or any loose particulate matter is driven by the application of a biodegradable product and applicable to all types of soil, such as mining, forestry, industrial, agricultural roads, condominiums and storage yards. Easy to apply and environmentally friendly product.

Slope Stabilization with Geomembrane Technology

Slope protection services with mortar Geomembrane technology (PVC and Geotextile Geocomposite) to prevent erosion, containment and protection of slopes in risk areas and carrying loose material.

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